18 Apr 2022

Goyo Jiménez returns with 'Un país para reírlo'

Goyo Jiménez returns with 'Un país para reírlo''Un país para reírlo' is back with Goyo Jiménez, who will once again be in charge of touring the country meeting comedy celebrities from different fields: política, sports, music, drama, among others. For this, he will visit the editors of Mongolia, the filmmakers behind '8 Apellidos Vascos' o 'Vota Juan', the most outstanding users of Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and the professionals who, today as yesterday,have known and know how to make us smile. A program produced by RTVE in collaboration with Hill Valley (iZen Group).
'Un país para reírlo’ begins next Tuesday, April 19 at 11:00 p.m. on La 2 of TVE.